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The sweetest way to provide your kids with antioxidant protection

When you’re a kid, eating right isn’t always easy. So Mannatech created MannaBears™ supplements – a tasty alternative to today’s refined sugars and other “junk” foods.

Formulated specifically for children and naturally sweetened, these colourful, chewy, bear-shaped supplements are designed to not only be delicious but also to support cellular communication, thanks to the unique Ambrotose™ complex included in every serving.

Feel good about the nutrition you give them.

  • A new generation of grape, fruit punch and lime flavored gummy bears
  • Chewy pectin gum
  • A delicious, chewy, sweet supplement in colorful, bear shapes
  • A mouthwatering gummy bear supplement kids will come back for again and again
  • Dietary supplement with the goodness of pomegranate juice and fruit and vegetable powders
  • In addition to its specially formulated glyconutritional blend, MannaBears includes 11 dehydrated fruits and vegetables, including pomegranate juice concentrate powder
  • Packed into a colorful, wholesome pectin base derived from natural sources
  • A tasty supplement made in the shape of bears